Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Power plant in Dingden: Investor must reschedule

Hamminkeln (RP) A project that the Academy would benefit Klausenhof Dingden, currently employs the county and the city Hamminkeln. A Argarunternehmer wants to build a biomass power plant on his farm. In addition, a line is a biogas cogeneration plant in the vicinity of the cemetery planned on Bokern.
Biogas plants - here an example from BrĂ¼nen - there are now in all of NRW. The power plants use biomass to produce energy.

"As a permit required under the Bundesimmisionsschutzgesetz is, in this case asked the district of Wesel," explains the Technical Delegate of the city Hamminkeln, George Haupt. "Our administration is in the process as public concerns heard." And so we have put in the City Hall now has a negative opinion on Dingden project. "The proposed biomass power plant is a power of 0.9 megawatts," says Haupt. But outside, in this case on Bokern, only one benefit is approved by 0.5 megawatts and be approved. "

District heating for the Klausenhof

Even the CHP, which will be powered by biogas, is considered critical in Hamminkeln City Hall. Georg Haupt: "There is a ruling of the Federal Administrative Court in 2008 after not such a power plant in the outdoor area is permitted." The question is now how to behave, the investor. The argrarentreneur leaves two possibilities. First step: to reduce the performance of the biogas plant, then this would be approved. Second step: The cogeneration few meters of building near the Academy Klausenhof. "There we have a special area, not outside," Georg main confirmed on request.

The Dingden educational institution would benefit from these revised plans. "If you get the power plant, it would put a heating pipe," said Klausenhof management director Rudolf Schott. The aim was to hot water heating system for the Academy. "Two of the heating boiler in the course of the year would have to be renewed," says Schott. "For us, the district would be a cheap alternative." The idea for the district had the Dingden investor.