Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Market for new commercial vehicles registered big minus

Used equipment far less affected by the crisis
New "locator" under easier to find
Wien (ots) - As the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) are telling, new orders from abroad for goods vehicles over six tonnes alone in May 2009 decreased by 77 percent. The export of commercial vehicles up to six tonnes fell so far this year by 65 percent. Much better it looks in the details of the used construction portal ads in almost all areas of used commercial vehicles. "Low loss are present, but the trend is right now more likely to Buying used, the pressure on the cost side and forced to work efficiently, keep the market used for maintaining construction equipment and trucks, "said Marko United of Mascus.
The pan-European marketplace offers a rare overview of the market. "We are in over thirty countries worldwide, we can assess not only the events in Germany or Austria, but see an overall picture," said Large. The use and dealers from all targeted to expand substantially limited markets. "We are at different types of equipment - whether construction, agricultural machinery and trucks - a strong regional disparities in Europe have been identified as part of equpment types are traded much higher in Northern Europe and less common than in southern Europe." Said Mark Gross. Even save transport costs entrepreneurs like money, and affiliated distributors like to fall back to the portal and its range. "Especially in the last few months have again some large traders decided to work with ads," said Country Manager of Mascus.
Is not the same old useless, as a look to the traded equipment. To the 100,000 machines available on Mascus. "The portal also highly specialized machines are traded. In the transportation sector are also not uncommon refrigerator as in forestry and agriculture, the local machine rather rare," said Mark Gross. The savings at the original price is sometimes immense, although sometimes only a few hours on the device. Dealers are happy about the large range at reasonable prices that do not exceed in the case of ads as a platform in more than 25 languages and presence in over thirty countries but the cost of local advertising papers.
To boost the market for used machinery ahead, ads permanently extended the service area to www. mascus. de. As a full success, for example, the new "Locator" proved you can find on the prospective customers quickly and easily needed vehicles in the connected countries. They can select directly for specific machine types and region. Dealers have the opportunity to present themselves on a micro-integrated in the portal page - for many a welcome alternative to the time-consuming and costly own website.
Mascus. de's largest virtual marketplace for construction, agricultural, and forestry machinery as well as commercial vehicles in Europe. So relieved trade, the search and retrieval of vehicles, machines and accessories. Commercial and private buyers and sellers can use the system, no commissions are due. Sellers must only pay a small fee. For a half a million visitors a month to know the service and the range in Europe to appreciate. Damascus serves as yet more than 30 European countries in 25 different languages. In 2001, the portal - originally destined for the northern region of Europe - in Scandinavia founded.

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