Friday, September 2, 2011

No cost to the city works

No cost to the city works
BY MARTIN VAN DER Putter - last updated: 30.08.2011

Duisburg (RP). The new Block 10 at the Walsum power plant will come on stream until much later than originally planned. The shareholder Stadtwerke Duisburg arise because no additional cost.
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The new Block 10 at the Walsum power plant will come on stream until much later than originally planned. Photo: Ralf Hohl, RP
The new Block 10 is to make the Walsum coal power plant to the most modern in Germany. However, as reported on Monday, delaying the start-up. Originally, block 10 goes with a capacity of 750 megawatts to the grid as early as 2010, then the first half of 2011 was named as a target.

Now everything looks like it, it will take much longer. How long that no one wants to predict. Of up to two years is the question. "The start will be delayed significantly," Alexandra Boy put it, a spokeswoman for Evonik.
Hundreds of leaks

Blame for the recent delay was an ultra-modern steel, the Japanese manufacturer Hitachi. The steel with the designation T 24 was compatible with apparently not a detergent. A chemical reaction then led to hundreds
of leaks. "Walk in the evaporator section, a part of the boiler to be replaced. The detailed plans and then the Düsseldorf District Government for approval," said the spokeswoman Evonik.

Walsum power plant is operated by the Steag in cooperation with the Austrian power utility EVN. Steag is one of the 49 percent of Evonik Industries. Since December 2010, a municipal utility consortium holds a 51 percent majority stake in steals. Had cost 649 million capital investment. In this context, the Stadtwerke Duisburg, with approximately 36 (leveraged) million euros at the Steag are involved. DVV-chief Dr. Hermann Janning also sits in front of the Supervisory Board of STEAG.

The current problems in Walsum power plant are therefore not in the interest of the Stadtwerke Duisburg. The company must, however, do not worry, sit still at additional cost. "The risks lie not with us, we are contractually protected so that we have to bear any additional costs incurred," said Anamaria Preuss, spokeswoman of DVV and public utilities.

Also on the plans, the remaining 49 percent stake in STEAG also tries to acquire more, would not affect the current incidents. Hastily, the consortium has made the city currently has seven stations along the Rhine and Ruhr region at least not act. The option to purchase the remaining 49 percent is still more than four years.

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