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Saar-mining technology to score in Ukraine and Russia

(2009-11-17 17:18:21)
Eastern Europeans looking for partners here
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Saarbrücken. The mining company RAG RAG German hard coal Mining Solutions launched a new company to life. This has the objective of the mining equipment and mining technologies, which in Germany are no longer needed to market internationally. A first attempt was the director of the mine Saar, Friedrich Breinig, visiting Ukrainian-Russian delegation at the mine. "We can both offer high-quality equipment and help them to adapt to local geological conditions," said Breinig.
The mining experts from Eastern European countries are "very interested in German technology," said Boris Bokij, chief financial officer of the mine Sasjadko (Ukraine). It must however be guaranteed a service on site. Vladislav Norkin of the Russian group wants ADD gas being flared in oil refineries to use as energy. But he is looking for partners in the Saarland. The delegation has now stand at the Saarland. Organized the visit of "Saarland international", a collaboration between the Ministry with the Centre for Productivity and Technology (ZPT) has been.

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