Monday, November 21, 2011

ewb participates in Grimsel hydroelectric project

The city of Berne utility participates in a hydroelectric power plant
project of the Oberhasli AG (KWO).
When the project is about as part of the investment program to
upgrade KWO plus two existing power plants in the Grimsel area.
These plants - the plants and Innertkirchen Handeck 2 1 - are more
than 60 years old and should be adapted to today's needs, such as the
Berne City Council announced on Thursday.
Now it is all about the construction of a second, larger turbine
water path, a new catch basin, installation of two additional turbines
and the refurbishment of the existing machine. Through these measures,
the performance of the two power plants by more than 60 percent
The city-owned utility Energie Wasser Bern (EWB) is already involved
with an investment of one sixth of KWO. The investment cost of the
project is now ewb afford any amount. It carries with ewb the annual
operating costs.
With the inauguration of the renewed power plants Handeck
Innertkirchen 2 and 1, the annual costs increase by 11.1 million
francs. For ewb thus additional costs to fall from 1.85 million
francs. However, these are offset by corresponding additional income,
as it is further stated in the notice.

Friday, September 2, 2011

No cost to the city works

No cost to the city works
BY MARTIN VAN DER Putter - last updated: 30.08.2011

Duisburg (RP). The new Block 10 at the Walsum power plant will come on stream until much later than originally planned. The shareholder Stadtwerke Duisburg arise because no additional cost.
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The new Block 10 at the Walsum power plant will come on stream until much later than originally planned. Photo: Ralf Hohl, RP
The new Block 10 is to make the Walsum coal power plant to the most modern in Germany. However, as reported on Monday, delaying the start-up. Originally, block 10 goes with a capacity of 750 megawatts to the grid as early as 2010, then the first half of 2011 was named as a target.

Now everything looks like it, it will take much longer. How long that no one wants to predict. Of up to two years is the question. "The start will be delayed significantly," Alexandra Boy put it, a spokeswoman for Evonik.
Hundreds of leaks

Blame for the recent delay was an ultra-modern steel, the Japanese manufacturer Hitachi. The steel with the designation T 24 was compatible with apparently not a detergent. A chemical reaction then led to hundreds

CLEAN ENERGY Biogas share increased to more climate protection

CLEAN ENERGY Biogas share increased to more climate protection
Energy & Environment
Press release from: SE CLEAN ENERGY GmbH & Co. KG
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Cologne, 01.09.2011 - The clean energy is now even more environmentally friendly: 09/10/2011 To bring the national Ökogasspezialist a new product with increased biogas share of 10 percent on the market. In this way the clean energy not only an active contribution to climate protection but also allows homeowners to central targets of the Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG) requirements. CLEAN GAS bio10 is offered given that the equipment is available in addition to the existing tariff of 5 percent bio-gas.

"Good news for all friends of the environment, because the higher proportion of the biogas, will improve the carbon footprint compared to conventional natural gas," says Managing Director Stefan HE Dott. "With the increased biogas share, we want to promote the development of renewable energies - and to remain competitive prices, as a result of our modern procurement strategy, we can keep the price premium for the biogas-plus within narrow limits." In Baden-Wuerttemberg benefit homeowners by a further advantage : The EEWärmeG writes on there since January 2010 that after the restoration of a heating system at least ten percent of the annual heat demand must come from renewable energy sources. A target that can be met by the new CLEAN GAS bio10 without further investments or retrofits.

Price studies repeatedly show that biogas is not more expensive than conventional gas must be. On the contrary: "Our customers can be compared to primary care savings of up to several hundred euros a year," said Stefan Dott. "Ecology and economy are not a contradiction." The CLEAN ENERGY has been awarded several times by comparison portals and trade magazines for their cheap rates.

CLEAN ENERGY Biogas is from biogenic waste materials, such as plant remains of Agriculture won, and upgraded to natural gas quality. This portion of the biogas is carbon neutral, because when it is burned as much CO2 is released as the herbal raw materials have included in their growth.
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The SE CLEAN ENERGY GmbH & Co. KG is a sales company in Cologne, which was founded by six regional suppliers from North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse to sustainable energy products nationwide to offer. The focus is now on natural gas with a growing share of biogas, which is marketed under the brand name CLEAN GAS. With over 20,000 customers nationwide clean energy is now number two among the German Ökogasanbietern.

This press release was published on openPR.
SE CLEAN ENERGY GmbH & Co. KG, Bayenthalgürtel 9, 50968 Cologne, www sauberenergie de, please contact: Achim Heinze, Phone 0221-93731-363, 0221-93731-366 Fax,

The CLEAN ENERGY stands for a consistent link between ecology and economy. As a service-oriented utilities we offer through our online distribution platform as well as for www saubergas de about our exclusive marketing partner under the brand name CLEAN GAS affordable biogas products retail. In addition receive Geschäfts-/Großkunden environmentally friendly and economically attractive gas products, tailored to individual requirements. Since it is CLEAN GAS is a pure online product, our organization and all processes are streamlined. The resulting price advantage we pass on to our customers. In the coming years we expect to increase the share of biogas in our products further. In the long term natural gas will be completely replaced by carbon-neutral biogas.