Saturday, June 15, 2013

GOE for fossil power plants

Federal government decides reserve power plant regulation, from 2017 then take care wind and solar power plants around the grid stability - if they are allowed
At the current market prices fall because so much power is being produced. The Federal Government has introduced a scheme nevertheless, the conventional power plants continue to guarantee the existence, the reserve power plant regulation. It provides for an annual review of available generating capacity by the Transmission System Operator and the Agency. Power plants should then be required to standby and be decided on the construction on this basis. The policy explains that certain power plants systemically
important, while there were shortages in the past but just do not lack power plant capacity but the current trade, which destabilized the network.
The Association of Local Utilities Utilities () criticized the new law, now that network stability will be by regulation rather than by competition, that the additional cost of these works will be held ready reserve force but not transparent. Intended to reassure critics of the reserve force of Regulation 31 December 2017 will automatically expire. Then to be decided on a new "Electricity Market Design" for conventional power generation and a fundamental change in the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) in 2017. The key points of this upcoming EEG called Angela Merkel at the Congress of the German Association of Energy and Water (BDEW), then the producers of green electricity to bear costs of network expansion and storage, but retroactive cuts in funding, it should not be and is the feed-in of renewable electricity be maintained at a reform.
If the expansion of renewables by 2017 it goes on as before, the green power percentage is expected to be at 35 percent. Whether the government intends for her re-election fossil power plants, then continue to hold the power has not yet been revealed. The Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES) sees the growing green energy share in any case as an opportunity to modernize the grid control at last, till now it still happens on power plant turbines and inverters can also do - if they are allowed for. It will be fascinating how the new electricity market design will look like, hopefully different than a mere guarantee of existence for old power plants.

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