Monday, July 30, 2012

New fossil fuel power plants protested

With a lot of energy to coal
In "Climate Camp" to environmentalists nationwide protest against mining and fossil power plants. They also terminate this civil disobedience an.
Devastated landscape: the Hambach mine in North Rhine-Westphalia. Image: DAPD
BERLIN taz | It goes to them about the global climate, global justice - and not least to their habitat. In the three major German lignite districts organized in August, so-called climate camp environmentalists. They protest against the mining and the construction of new coal-fired power plants. Brown coal is for them for a "backward-looking energy policy and inhumane."
In the Rhineland and the Lausitz, where it already existed in 2011 Climate Camp, the organizers expect about 300 participants each. In the anti-lignite camp near Leipzig in Hohenmölsen be expected only 20 to 30. You should probably still build a critical awareness, Annika Rothe says the alliance, "the future instead of brown coal."