Monday, November 21, 2011

ewb participates in Grimsel hydroelectric project

The city of Berne utility participates in a hydroelectric power plant
project of the Oberhasli AG (KWO).
When the project is about as part of the investment program to
upgrade KWO plus two existing power plants in the Grimsel area.
These plants - the plants and Innertkirchen Handeck 2 1 - are more
than 60 years old and should be adapted to today's needs, such as the
Berne City Council announced on Thursday.
Now it is all about the construction of a second, larger turbine
water path, a new catch basin, installation of two additional turbines
and the refurbishment of the existing machine. Through these measures,
the performance of the two power plants by more than 60 percent
The city-owned utility Energie Wasser Bern (EWB) is already involved
with an investment of one sixth of KWO. The investment cost of the
project is now ewb afford any amount. It carries with ewb the annual
operating costs.
With the inauguration of the renewed power plants Handeck
Innertkirchen 2 and 1, the annual costs increase by 11.1 million
francs. For ewb thus additional costs to fall from 1.85 million
francs. However, these are offset by corresponding additional income,
as it is further stated in the notice.